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All kinds of meat (and veggies) become deliciously transformed by this bright and tangy ginger soy marinade!

This is a versatile sauce, it adds incredible flavor to chicken, salmon, pork, steak, or shrimp! Perfect for grilling, baking, or broiling.

Ginger Soy Marinade in a glass jar

Ginger Soy Sauce

  • This marinade uses simple ingredients and is ready in 5 minutes.
  • It serves as a marinade, and an all-around seasoning sauce for almost everything but it’s great added to a bit of mayonnaise for a dressing or dip!
  • This marinade is sweet, savory, and just a little bit spicy.

ingredients for Ginger Soy Marinade on a sheet pan

Marinade Ingredients

GINGER & GARLIC This sauce is the perfect blend of pungent garlic and peppery ginger, with a few colorful pops of red pepper flakes.

SALTY & SWEET Sweet brown sugar and salty soy sauce have contrasting flavors that add layers of flavor against the garlic and ginger!

ACID & FAT The olive oil and lemon juice work together as a tenderizer for salmon, chicken, steak, or pork. It even works well for fish like grilled salmon.

Ginger Soy Marinade being poured on raw chicken in a bowl

How To Make Soy Ginger Marinade

Super easy to make, just whisk up a quick batch to use as a marinade or a sauce for cooking—or both!

  1. Combine all marinade ingredients in a small bowl or freezer bag.
  2. Add your choice of meat & refrigerate for between 2 & 4 hours.
  3. Discard leftover marinade.

Ginger Soy Marinade in a ziplock bag

How to Use Ginger Soy Marinade

This versatile marinade can also be used as a different sauce for sautéed green beans or broccoli. Brush over corn on the cob before grilling! It’s delicious as a sauce for pork stir fry with rice. Or use it to dip some Air Fryer Egg Rolls to give them just the right touch!

Recipe Tips

  • Fresh garlic and ginger are key to achieving the distinctive flavors of this marinade, and both are inexpensive and available year-round.
  • Finely mince both the garlic and the ginger or use a micro-plane grater to make the job easier!
  • Freeze extra minced or grated ginger and use it in stirfries, cakes, and especially cocktails!


As long as it hasn’t been used, soy ginger marinade will keep in the refrigerator for up to 10 days as long as it’s in a tightly sealed container. Give it a vigorous shake before using to get the ingredients to blend again.

Freeze soy-ginger marinade in ice cube trays and store cubes in a zippered bag with the date written on the outside. Pop out a cube or two for soups, stews, or stir-fries!

So Many Marinades

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Ginger Soy Marinade

This Ginger Soy Marinade is the perfect combination of sweet, salty, & spicy!

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  • Combine all marinade ingredients in a small bowl or freezer bag.

  • Add beef, chicken or pork. Marinate 2-4 hours.

Calories: 178, Carbohydrates: 21g, Protein: 2g, Fat: 11g, Saturated Fat: 9g, Sodium: 821mg, Potassium: 105mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 18g, Vitamin A: 164IU, Vitamin C: 4mg, Calcium: 30mg, Iron: 1mg

(Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.)

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Course Dip, Dressing, Sauce

Cuisine American

Recipe Adapted Chorney-Booth, Elizabeth, Duncan, Sue, Van Rosendaal, Julie. “Ginger Flank Steak”. Recipe. Sunday Suppers. Robert Rose Inc, ON, 2017. 109. Print.


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