Project 17: ‘I was told to clean my own school toilets’

Yolanda, 17, goes to school in a rural area of East London, South Africa. She’s been campaigning for better standards of education in her country, starting with her own school. She says it lacks basic resources, such as electricity in classrooms and clean toilets.

But when she visited the Department of Education to ask what could be done about the toilets, she says she was told that the students should clean them.

“Quality education” is goal four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a set of targets announced in 2015 to transform lives around the world by 2030. The UN wants access to quality education for all by 2030.

This video is part of Project 17, a BBC World Service series produced in partnership with the Open University, in which 17-year-olds look at progress on the UN’s 17 goals. Find programmes and videos here.

Video journalists: Björn Rudner and Eleanor Layhe

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